• 1
    ok, lets start off with an easy one. do you consider yourself to be evil?

  • 2
    ok, if you were in a public place, by yourself, and found $100, with no identification, and no one around to see you, what would you do with the money?

  • 3
    pick a number

  • 4
    whats your tool song (i wont accept that anyone doesnt like tool, if you dont know any of the songs, pick one at random)

  • 5
    if you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you mostly take, luxury items only. assume that you could live uncomfortably on the island indefinitely

  • 6
    you're in line at the post office to pay a bill, someone cuts in front of you, what do you do?

  • 7
    you find out that a good friend of yours has a different religious veiw to you, and their views of life conflict with yours, do you:

  • 8
    out of the labels below, which do you feel most closely defines what you believe?

  • 9
    pick a letter

  • 10
    you're at a party/gathering a member of the sex you are attracted to approaches you, they have all the quality's you look for in a companion/mate and you hit it off, if you could do anything you want with that person, what is closest to you approach?

  • 11
    someone breaks into your house, stealing many valuable items, which answer best describes what you would do

  • 12
    do you believe in confession of sins?

  • 13
    hmm, we're getting closer to defining what kind of evil you are! remember to answer truthfully, no one will know but you and you might be suprised by the results! if you knew that no one would or could ever hold you accountable, and were given a gun with two bullets, who would you shoot?

  • 14
    your perfect weekend, what are you doing

  • 15
    who is lucifer?

  • 16
    which is the greater sin, theft, murder, blasphemy or stupidity?

  • 17
    last question! i'm so proud of you! you made it this far which of the following best describe you?