• Hi! And welcome to the test "What Kind of Friend Are You?" There are many different kinds of good friends, and a few types of people who aren't. This will try to help you learn what type you are, and let others know the same if you make the results public. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers, so please answer the test honestly. Also, some are borrowed from OKC match questions, but they're good questions, so.... ;) I'm also sure I'll need to tweak the test, but here goes:

  • 1
    If someone messages you on OKCupid, and you have enough time to answer them but their message and profile don't strike you as anything special, you are most likely to...?

  • 2
    You've been good friends with someone for two years and enjoyed it. Then their significant other dumps them and they fall into a MAJOR funk, for months. It's been making them hard to hang out with, and you feel they're overreacting. You:

  • 3
    Your friend is quite well off. You're struggling, and in fact ran out of money to pay bills. So you asked them to loan you $1,000, which you needed to be even. They did, and just said "pay me back when you can." You got a better job, though not the equal of theirs. With a little trouble could pay them back. They ask nicely if you could pay back the $500 you owe them (they forgot the loan was $1,000). You:

  • 4
    If you don't have Caller ID, assume you do. A friend has been annoying you lately calling about trivial things. How often would you answer when they called?

  • 5
    Your friend's new haircut sucks. They ask you your opinion. You tell them:

  • 6
    Would you make friends with someone to whom you felt you had a lot to offer, even if they had little to offer you (in other words, you'd be making friends more to give than to receive)?

  • 7
    You discover your friends planned a surprise party for you on your birthday, having tried hard to keep it secret. Would you...?

  • 8
    If someone you know in real life and you find their company mediocre (but not horrible) asks you to hang out with them, you have the time, and you're sure they aren't trying to hit on you, you:

  • 9
    Okay, now it's someone on OKCupid and someone messages you, saying they very, very badly want to get to know you. Their pic and profile are unimpressive to you, but you've seen worse. Your reaction?

  • 10
    You've made plans with a friend that they're very much looking forward to and would be very hard to reschedule. But something much better comes up (also very hard to reschedule). How do you handle this?

  • 11
    Your friend is down, feeling inferior to you in several ways important to them. In reality, you believe they are inferior to you in those ways. Will you try to convince them they aren't inferior to you in some or all of those ways?

  • 12
    How much would you take without breaking off a friendship with someone you've been close friends with for three years?

  • 13
    You find out a close friend's significant other is cheating on them. They aren't married. It would hurt them greatly to hear the news. How do you handle it? (In the choices below, "SO" means the significant other.)

  • 14
    Finally, it's your friend who's doing the cheating. Again, not married. You only know their SO through them. What do you tell your friend about it, and what if their SO seems to be trying to figure it out (again, SO means significant other)?