• If you haven't taken my "Can We Hang?" test yet, go do so now.

    If you didn't score high enough on that test to get either "The Perfect Woman" or "Damn the Distance...", chances are pretty good that you really shouldn't bother with this test unless you like funny odd or ironic tests.

  • Friendship (1908) -Pablo Picasso

    Friends are important to me, and each one is unique. This test will help figure out roughly what kind of friends we would be. There is a limit of only 24 possible outcomes on the test, so one can only come so close to defining what remains a very unique thing: the relationship between two people.

    This test is normed to *me* It won't likely tell you what kind of friend you will be for John Doe, but it might shed some light on what kind of a friendship *we* would potentially have. Assuming that you scored well enough on the first test to legitimately qualify for this one, it isn't an issue of "Would there be there be friendship" but rather, "What *kind* of friendship would we be likely to have?"

    Best bet here is to simply be honest with yourself (and the test) - there are no wrong answers for the people that are here for the right reasons...

    Good Luck!