• Hi! And welcome to my What Kind of OkCupid-er are you? Test. Regardless of what you may think, there are reasons behind everything we do. Think about why you joined OkCupid. Be honest with yourself. You may say that you have joined OkCupid to make new friends, but does your behavior measure that out?

    The purpose of this test is to define your OkCupid behavior, so that you might decide if your actions are in line with your feelings and goals.

    For example, if you just want to meet a lot of people that are interested in the same things as you, but the way you act on the site indicates that you are are only looking for a quick hook-up, then you may want to re-evaluate your OkCupiding tactics. There are no "wrong" types of OkCupider. It's only wrong if you're not doing what you want.

    This test will help deduce and define what you've been doing on OkCupid and provide suggestions for refining your approach if you aren't happy with your OkCupid Success rate.

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  • For the first 3 questions, lets talk about your perception of OkCupid as you were signing up and why you joined the site.
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    I think OkCupid is a great way to meet people. I can separate out the kind of people I would never get along with and pursue those where there might be something. Something real.

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    When I signed up as an OkCupid member, it was out of boredom or because a friend wanted to show me someone, or something like that. The site is fun, but I have no intention of ever actually meeting someone from this site.

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    When I first joined OkCupid, I was mostly looking for random sexual encounters. Maybe it becomes more, maybe not, but most good relationships start with physical attraction.