• After hanging out in thelema oriented forums I decided to make this test to help you decide where you stand in a spectrum between the hardcore violent thelemite to the hippie fluffy magic(k)ian. Are you more intense than Crowley or Grant?, are you just a Wicca with different words? The possible outcomes: 1) Your a hardcore intense thelemite and nothing will stand in your way to do what thou wilt!! 2) You're a thelemite but self-conscious, maybe even an "armchair magician" 3) You´re almost a hippie, it's all about flowers and unicorns and gods to you. If you think you can do a better test than this, then do it!!
  • 1
    Do you do your daily rituals regardless of where you are or what you were doing?

  • 2
    Which chapter of Liber Al do you like the most?

  • 3
    What about the other holy books of Thelema?

  • 4
    What about Magick?

  • 5
    Doing your Will and ethical dilemmas

  • 6
    What about Crowley?

  • 7
    What about politics?

  • 8
    What do you think of the current thelemic community?