• This may be the worst test you've ever taken. It makes no sense... or does it? This test well measure how well you understand my thinking. I'm hugely into patterns and being consistent. If you get everything correct then you can probably guess what I'm doing right now! If now, then maybe you hate me. Why do you hate so blindly?
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  • 1
    How do I tie my shoes?

  • 2
    How do I feel about Germans?

  • 3
    In case of emergency:

  • 4
    I have sweet skills in:

  • 5
    LAG is when

  • 6
    Each day we grow a little closer. How does this make you feel?

  • 7
    Global warming is a problem because

  • 8
    My soulmate is

  • 9
    If you score well on this quiz it means