• 1

    As you travel along a long road, an injured, fellow countryman lies motionless by the side. He seems heavily wounded but alive. What will you do?

  • 2

    In order to continue your travel you need to face a demonic creature which you cannot possibly defeat by yourself. You may pick one of these companions to stand by your side.

  • 3

    During your uncounted adventures you come across a rich village of tradesmaen and merchants. The local landlord claims very high taxes, therefore the village is a safe place to life in. Yet, the citizens want to see him overthrown, so they can keep there riches to themselves.

  • 4

    In the middle of a crowded marketplace, a thimblerig cheats you out of some money.

  • 5

    While traveling, you see a group of fellow men in the distant. As you approach you realize that they are building a shrine of prayer.

  • 6

    While you take a bath in a hidden pond, a holy goddess forms from the water and offers you to answer any question you might have.