• Ever felt like something was wrong with your life? Like some core value to your identity was messed up at the last minute and as a result you've never been complete?

    Maybe you were born on the wrong day?

    It sounds crazy, but an estimated 82 percent* of people are born on completely the wrong day! This can have vast ramifications on your life, as the planets attempt to pull you in opposite directions, and this can lead to an unfairly unstable life.

    So take this test to see what Star Sign you're most like and then compare it to your birth sign. If the two don't match, there's a good chance you were born on the wrong day, which means you can finally feel justified blaming all your problems on your mother.

  • * Statistic is based on a random sample of me, my cat, the Queen and a bunch of people I made up. Statistical accuracy is +/- 50%.