• Hi! And welcome to my "What type of person are you"? Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. The lower your score the lower self esteem you may have. This however does not mean its a bad thing. This a quiz for the fun of it like all quizzes. Just have fun and answer the first thing that comes to mind. You can skip a question at any time and there are points still some given. (remember you can skip questions and will still get some points and don't worry this is all for fun) :) :)
  • 1
    what kind of person where you in high school?

  • 2
    have you ever seen a psychologist/psychiatrist for any problems in the past?

  • 3
    are you in a committed relationship?

  • 4
    if a waitress brought you back something you didn't order whilse sitting down at a restaraunt would you?

  • 5
    If you came in contact with a bear would you?

  • 6
    on a typical saturday night what is your favorite past time?

  • 7
    What is a typical thing you would do if you were at a party?

  • 8
    What would you do if someone sent you an innapropriate comment online

  • 9
    do you do drugs?

  • 10
    if you were deserted on an island for several days out of these 4 things which one would you most likely bring?

  • 11
    if you could do one of these 4 things right now which one would you do?

  • 12
    how many hours do you work on average

  • 13
    if you could go live on any planet besides earth (presuming they were livable) which one would you live on?

  • 14
    do you drive?

  • 15
    if you do drugs or have in the past what would be your drug of choice? (if you don't do drugs skip this question)

  • 16
    about how many hours do you get of sleep a night/during the day?

  • 17
    what is your education level?

  • 18
    have you ever cheated in a relationship?

  • 19
    if you were in a fire and only could save one person or thing what would you save

  • 20
    if you could be one of 4 soda's which one would you be?

  • 21
    if you could do any of these 4 things which would you do?

  • 22
    if you could be one of 4 superheroes would you be?

  • 23
    if you could have any of these 4 super powers what would it be?

  • 24
    Out of these channels which one would you most likely watch

  • 25
    if you were alone with one fictitious serial killer which one would you prefer?

  • 26
    do you masturbate?

  • 27
    out of these 4 singers/bands which would you most likely listen to?

  • 28
    if you could have one alchoholic beverage of these 4 which one would you have?

  • 29
    if you had a choice to watch one of these 4 shows which one would you watch?

  • 30
    if you were to eat one of these 4 flavors ice cream which would you eat?

  • 31
    If you were to go to the beach which one of 4 items could you not be 1 day without

  • 32
    if you were to go to a grocery store which one of 4 items could you not leave without

  • 33
    if you were deserted on an island with one celebrity, which one out of these four would you prefer?

  • 34
    do you eat meat?

  • 35
    how many close friends outside of the computer do you have?

  • 36
    do you have high blood pressure?

  • 37
    do you have or are you in remission of cancer?

  • 38
    do you exercise?

  • 39
    If you excercise like in an earlier question which kind would you do out of these 4?

  • 40
    do you like to draw?

  • 41
    do you write poetry?