The What you know about Doctor Who/ Torchwood Test

  • This is a test, only a test, to see how much you know about the BBC hit TV shows Doctor Who and Torchwood. All Questions are based only on BBC Episode stories of both shows (i.e. this does not include any novles, spin-off media, the 1996 TV movie, or the Peter Cushing Movies) You will be scored on Old Era Doctor Who (1963-1989), New Era Doctor Who (2005- Present), Torchwood, and an Overall Score. In the first three rounds you will get 10 pts for a right answer, -5 for a wrong answer, and -10 for no answer. In each round there is a hidden 5 pts to an additional score area for Crossover Knowledge. In the Final Round each queston is worth a total of 15 pts split among the crossover areas, a wrong answer gets you -5 overall and 0 in the subject areas, a no answer is -5 in all scoring areas and -15 on your overall score. Good Luck!