• Hi, this is my first test, so it'll probably suck. Proceed at your own risk.

    The theme of my test is to test how likely you'll survive when cats become the dominant species on Earth. Will you be ground up into kitty litter, or become a revered litter box attendant? After you answer all the questions (about a dozen) you'll be presented with a percentage showing the likeliness of becoming kitty litter; the lower the score, the better you did.

    Big special thanks to user kutaly for catching my goofs and providing a better answer to the last question; his kitty knowledge will clearly earn him bigs points with the felines, when the time comes... (Please put in a good word for me!)

    Are you gonna be kitty litter? If you really have nothing better to do you can find out by clicking next or continue or whatever the button says.

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