• The following test will determine which part of New York you should live in based on how you handle various situations which New Yorkers have during a normal week.
    Tips- 1) Assume everything as if you lived in NY or planned on moving to it. 2) Those who don't know what subways are then substitute trains. 3) Answer honestly based on how you would handle the situations using your own decision making processes and the given hypothetical details.
    News: I have received a few complaints about inaccuracies which I have attempted to correct. Most of them were from the wording of the result category descriptions. I re-worded those category descriptions. Please remember the results do not mean you should pack up and move to those specific areas. They mean you would fit in better "possibly" in them based on your levels in the three points my test deals with. I hope this makes the test better and more understandable and thanks all who have emailed me the comments and questions!