• There was a golden age of science... when everything was possible, when science didn't only exist in monolithic institutes and megacorps... when science was the tool of the little guy, the underdog... This golden age was the 1980s, and it was up on the big screen. Ok, so maybe it was only the golden age of sci-fi comedy/adventure. Close enough. So, which 1980s Movie Scientist are you? This quiz will use quackery and hand-waving to determine where you fit in. Oh, and we're only talking 'Good Guys' for now. It's too easy to throw in the amoral question response, and it's really no fun, since it's obvious what the 'bad guy' response is. So don't go looking for any villains here. We're keeping this light. Maybe next test. This is now no longer a draft, so feedback isn't really welcomed! I guess it's still allowed though, but just try to make any criticism constructive right? Don't be mean. We don't have to be mean... You also may be interested in a similar test made by my friend Erica regarding the rather girly topic of 80's Fantasy Movies.

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