The Which Amy Winehouse Style is Most Like Mine? Test

  • Yo! Welcome to my Which Amy Winehouse Style is Most Like Mine? Test. You're probably wondering as to how many styles Amy Winehouse has, being that most of what we see of her is an anorexic, drug-infested, wacko fiend, stumbling down the street in a drunken stupor. But believe it or not, she used to look normal and has a few different looks to her if you look hard enough. This test will also measure your personality quirks and give you seem input into your overall demeanor. This my first test so be nice! You may or may not like your results but this is just for entertainment purposes ;) (Note - This test is for the ladies but if you are of the other gender and want to take it, then by all means!)
  • 1
    How would you describe your body type?

  • 2
    Are you happy with your body weight?

  • 3
    Do you have any tattoos?

  • 4
    How about piercings? (Ears don't count!)

  • 5
    Closest hair color, please!

  • 6
    Do you usually wear your hair in different hairstyles?

  • 7
    What's your take on eye makeup?

  • 8
    Have you ever done the Amy Winehouse "cat-look" on your eyes before?

  • 9
    So overall, your stance on makeup (eye, lip, cheek) is...

  • 10
    Which choice below best describes what you usually wear or like wearing?

  • 11
    Do you usually look well-kept and put-to-together, or completely disheveled?

  • 12
    I'm usually dressed in:

  • *RAWR!*
  • 13
    Drugs are.....

  • 14
    I'm usually under the influence of something (drugs or alcohol)...

  • 15
    Most of the pictures that have been taking of me are:

  • 16
    My best physical feature is (are) my:

  • 17
    Which of her albums do you think you'd most identify with if you listened to them?

  • 18
    I think that Amy Winehouse has a beautiful, unique style of her own.

  • 19
    I could definitely see myself hanging out regularly with someone like her.

  • 20
    Finally, what do you think of Ms. Winehouse overall? (In terms of style, music, image, personality, etc)