• You should answer the twenty questions that follow based on what kind of book you're looking for right now. You might like to think of a book that you really like, and answer the questions as though you're aiming for that book as a result!

    Sometimes it's difficult to work out what to read next. TV book clubs, promotions in Borders, newspapers and magazines, friends and colleagues all have their opinions on the perfect book. So what's right for you? Well, with my vast literary knowledge and uncanny ability to match novel with reader, I will suggest some books for you based on your answers to the following twenty-four questions.

    Your result will be the name of an author I think you'd like, plus a short list of recommended books by various authors.

    There are 64 different categories (yes, this took a looooong time to write) so come back and take the quiz again next time you want a book - there'll probably be something new for you!

    Remember, there's no good or bad result here, and no judgement of your reading tastes.