• Aristotle was a wise man, but he greatly underestimated the number of elements that we would need to rationalize 20th century science. This test is going to figure out which 20th century element you are... and there are many. This test has been rigorously not-tested, and so you have my apologies if you all end up something lame... like Uuh. Okay... here goes!
  • Oh, and another diclaimer... I know a bit of chemistry, but by goodness I have no idea what I'm talking about in the descriptions! Don't take offense if the element description is really harsh on you... Oh, and I couldn't do everything I wanted to with the radioactivity bit, but if you score high on that then you either weren't taking the test seriously or you are seriously messed up. If you have more than %50 there then you should consider yourself a radioactive isotope of whatever element you did place as.

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