• "Cult" is such a dirty word. Folks in religious studies prefer terms like "new religious movement" or "alternative religion." Whatever you choose to call them, there just reaches a point where you've had it with mainstream religion, and run-of-the-mill agnosticism and atheism just won't cut it.

    But before you shave your head and go running off with the Guru Joe, take the time to find out which fringe group works for you!

    DISCLAIMER: I've already had a couple of people come up with their actual religion as a result, and were a bit troubled by being classified as a "cult." Not to worry: part of the point of this test is to show that the word "cult" is problematic, often used to describe any religion we're not immediately familiar with. Believe me that I have no intention of offending anyone... even the Satanists. Besides, my own religion is actually one of the results... I'll leave it to you to guess what that is.