• A "ho train" is a series of women who are all sleeping with the same guy. I have theorized that such "ho trains" have a structure analogous to actual trains, i.e. engine, box car, tanker, etc. So this test is to determine which "car" you are, i.e. what kind of polyamourous woman you happen to be. Or, at least, what kind of polyamourous woman you would be were you to find a "ho train" to link up with.

    So if you haven't figured it out yet, this test is directed at women who are either straight or bi.

    The Which Ho-Train Car Are You? Test measures two variables:

    1. Confident: your self-esteem, your assessment of your own attractiveness, your concern for your own interests, etc. If this is high, you are independent, self-motivated and/or easy-going; if this is low, you are needy, clingy and/or have little faith in yourself.
    2. Emotional: the higher this score is, the more you tend to care deeply about your partner and to think about the relationship from an emotional perspective, regardless of the official status of the relationship. Conversely, the lower this score is, the more what you really want is just to get laid.

    Remember: it may be in questionable taste, but in the end it's intended as just a bit of silly fun. Enjoy!