• * It recently came to my attention that this quiz's scoring was badly broken... for years.  Sorry!  It has since been fixed.  There are also a ton of cool worlds which I'd like to add... someday (or someyear) *

    Greetings and Salutations! This is a test of which (quasi-)famous imaginary world really suits you. I cannot guarantee that it's the world you would like to be in, but it'll be where you belong. After all, what's better than a universe which matches your personality? There are only eight possible locations so far, but that's liable to change in the near future. And there are, of course, no right or wrong answers... though you may find The City to be a more interesting idea than Faerun.

    To note: 'Sophisticated' is a measure of how coherent, believable and uncontrived a world is. Unconventional is how different it is from fictional norms (not how different from our own world!). And Intense is largely about how intense the stories found in the worlds tend to be; the only world which isn't actually rather intense would be Discworld, and even then...

    Some answers are worth more than others, but not by a lot. You need 51 or higher in a variable for your world to possess that quality (once I think of several more good worlds there will be a mid-range as well as just low and high). Enjoy or do not, at your discretion.