• Welcome friends, to my test. I've been in many bands in my day and the dynamics between members all seem to follow a pattern. So this test isn't meant to determine if your a member of a specific band, but rather to determine your role in a rock band if you were to join one. Enjoy.

  • 1

    You show up to the venue...

  • 2

    Before the show you are...

  • 3

    The show starts and you are...

  • 4

    For the concert you wear...

  • 5

    During the show you...

  • 6

    Halfway through the show you most likely will...

  • 7

    During the show you're usually  looking at...

  • 8

    Who is the most important member of the band?

  • 9

    How long is your solo?

  • 10

    The show is over. Most likely you are..

  • 11

    When looking for someone of the opposite sex you are most attracted to...

  • 12

    How often do you think the band should practice?

  • 13

    At your hotel, you come to the realization that the staff did not provide the shaved guinea pigs and green MnM's you specifically demanded be provided at every show in your contract. What do you do?