The Which Music Genre Has the Best Looking Females? TEST (With Pictures)

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    Questions: 55

    Estimated time needed to solve the test: 5 minutes

    So, you want to know which genre of music has your type of girls?

    I'll give you some pictures and you rate them. Then I'll give you the result. :)

    5 is the best rating you can give to someone, and 0 is the worst.

    The pictures are clickable! If you click on a picture, a website about the artist in the picture will appear. Usually that's a Wikipedia site about the artist, but sometimes it's some other site, or a site about her band.

    I recommend you to first solve the test, without clicking on the pictures and thinking about who belongs to which genre and how this will affect your result... And then taking it again, this time clicking on the pictures of artists which you are interested in.

    When you finish the test, feel free to give me some feedback so I can improve it. :)