• ** The yield flag, shown below, alerts soon-to-be-lapped cars that they need to yield to the leaders. **
  • Welcome to the "Which NASCAR Racetrack Are You" Test. Today's test will help both the race and non-race fan.
  • Race fans: The test will measure your viewing needs for racing on tracks that are both original and complex. It also determines how traditional you are. (As a side benefit, scoring "high" on Tradition probably means you can skip the "Are You a Southerner" test.) "3 forever!"
  • Non-race fans: Join us. Don't be afraid. By taking this test, we'll tell you which track you'd probably enjoy watching the most on TV. Unless, of course, you think stock car racing is just a bunch of left-hand turns, and you want to see more of that. We have a bunch of tracks like that. You'd probably prefer the NBC guys over FOX, too.
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    We begin, traditionally enough, with tradition. Did you know what that "3 forever" meant?