• This is my "which rockstar should you be?" test. The point here is to decide what instrument you would play if you were a rockstar based on your personality. I'm personally a drummer, though I often feel like a singer trapped in a drummer's body. I've been in bands and worked on solo projects, and constantly interact with musicians of all sorts. If you actually are a musician/rockstar than I'll let you know what you really should be. Don't take offense to any of this, it's really just to have fun.

    I'm tracking three things here, including how much attention you need (or how much of a star you are), how physical you are ('cause let's face it - singers are pussies, and you need some pent-up aggression to play drums), and how cool you are, because there's plenty of polka players out there, and there's nothing wrong with that, but I wouldn't call clarinet a "rockstar" instrument, per se. Again, don't take offense, this is all tongue-in-cheek. Enjoy.

    UPDATE: There are 27 possible results in this test, and though some are similar, they're all truely different. However, the first 100 results were pretty much all the same, so I had to change the scoring. the same categories are all there, but now you get a different result, because everybody can't be the guitar player. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also, I'm going to re-write some of the results soon, 'cause they're not fully accurate, but good enough for now.