• Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh, Sporty...Which Spice Girl Are You? These questions take your personality into account (in addition to some proabably ideal/realistic situation in the life of one of the girls) in determining which Spice Girl fits your personality best. Come on, give it a go!
  • 1
    You're driving on your way to work and you can choose to play a CD from only one of the four following musicians. Which one would you pick?

  • 2
    Which of the following phrases best describes how you handle your love life / what you expect from others in your love life?

  • 3
    Of the following options, which would you be for halloween?

  • 4
    You have 5 hours to spare and no plans at all. How do you pass the time?

  • 5
    Which kind of shoe did you wear for most of today? (Pick the closest one to the actual answer)

  • 6
    You have to explain to your management why the group is cancelling a tour date. What would be your explanation?