• After seeing the chemical elements test and the common chemical test, I decided it would be interesting to see what subatomic particle I was. Unfortunately I found no such test, and so I decided to fill the void with this test. This test will figure out which subatomic particle you are, based on three variables. I wanted four variables to include antimatter, but I ran out of bosons with I tried to have 16 different answers. Therefore I decided to pare it down to a measly 8 different answers. I hope this covers everyone. Please remember that there are no correct answers. Just answer honestly to get an "accurate" score.

    Disclaimer: While I know a wee bit about particle physics, I had to make up what kind of personality would go with each particle type, so if you do not agree with the personality descriptions, I am sorry. Please do not be offended. Thank you, and above all HAVE FUN!

    Finally any answers that are skipped will cause your final result to converge toward neutrino.

    UPDATE! January 3rd, Changed the Description for Neutrino, fixed some textual errors, and added links to other categories.