• Hello! And welcome to the "Which Vegeta Are You?" test. I'm a huge fan of Vegeta. He's one of my favorite characters in all of T.V. I decided to finally make a nerdy test and see if there was anyone else out there who spends his or her entire time psycho-analyzing fictional anime characters and pulling apart the characters' different stages of personality.

    I think that Vegeta changed a lot during his appearance in DragonballZ and I decided to make a quiz out of his different personality changes throughout the show/manga, beginning with the Saiyajin Saga to the few episodes I saw of Dragonball GT. This test is for fun, so please don't get angry or message me if you disagree that "Vegeta acted this way" or "Vegeta from that saga would never have done that!" Again... this test is for fun. I'm a DBZ fanfiction writer so I'm just using my imagination. Please enjoy!