• This test will tell you which character you most relate to based on how you answer the following questions.

  • 1

    Your friends have worked out a system to steal answers for a final exam.  You know that if you tell the professor all of your friends will fail and it will untimatly ruin your friendship.  On the other hand if you don't tell, there will be no grading curve and it will hurt the grade of everyone else in the class. You...

    • ·Compromising  +1
    • ·Concerned  -1
    • ·Dedicated  -1

    • ·Compromising  -1
    • ·Concerned  +1
    • ·Dedicated  +1

  • 2

    You read in the paper that a hired gun has recently been caught and put in jail.  The police have no leads on who he is working for.  What do you think about this?

    • Compromising  +1
    • ·Optimistic  +1

    • ·Compromising  -1
    • ·Optimistic  -1