• Hello. The basis of this test is almost pointless but may be entertaining to the few very bored and near lifeless souls who may find this test amusing. It's pretty much a basic how well do you think you know me kind of test. Have a try, see if you can get under my skin, guess my middle name. Read into my profile, you can ever IM me with a question. See how it goes. Have fun, feel free to quit if you don't like it, honestly I won't cry.
  • 1
    I'll make this one easy, so you don't feel so bad later that you couldn't answer anything. What town and state do I live in?

  • 2
    I love to par-tay every time I get a chance.

  • 3
    If I wished to accomplish one of the following things during my lifetime, which one would it be?

  • 4
    Which would I accept more than the others?

  • 5
    If I had to choose between all of the following, what would it be?