• Yo. You know, the time I've spent on the OKC journals has resulted in a lot of opinions about me. Some good, some bad, most of them stupid. But I get my kicks, and that's all that matters.

    This is a fun test. You'll like it. It's got a bit of everything - trivia, situational questions, introspective questions, ethics, brain teasers, the whole nine yards. The REALLY fun part is, some questions might seem like they're asking you one thing, but are actually evaluating you on something entirely different. WhooooOOOoooo! I'm tricky like that!

    And there's LOTS of different possibilites. Basically, it's going to tell you who you'd be through my eyes. Some of the possibilities are based on people I really know. Some of them are based on people I know of. Some of them are fictional. All of them are legit.

    But let me tell you this: it's NOT a compatability test. It's a personality test. This test isn't meant to determine how well you know me - it's meant to determine who you'd be in my world. So, answer honestly. Don't answer the way you think I would answer. That'll just ruin your score. Skip a question if you feel compelled to or don't think you have a good answer - that in and of itself is an answer on this test. You might think the way I grade your answers are unfair - but hey, it's my test and I can grade your answers however I goddamn please.

    Hoo rah.

    So, who are you, to me? If I knew you, who would you be?

  • Let's find out.