• Hi! And welcome to my Why are you single? Test. I'll be using advanced logic(well, as much logic as can be expected at 3 a.m. without coffee) and knowledge(completely biased I might add) to determine the true reason why you are alone and destitute(which needing a test to tell you may or may not play a large role in...). Before we begin, a simple WARNING and DISCLAIMER: Blonds had a large part in the making of this test. As such, your end result has a very high chance of being entirely wrong. All results should be taken only for entertainment value and not as a reason to cry. Seriously, no crying. This test may trigger adverse side effects that may include, but are not limited to nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, upset stomach, increase in blood pressure, headache, hypertension, dry mouth and on rare occasions, death(hey, at least you're not crying).

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