• Are you wicked? No, I do not mean the good/cool type of wicked, I mean the evil kind of wicked. How wicked are you on a bad day?? How bad could you be if given the chance... Oh and this is a new test, only just been made so please give me any feedback you care to divulge and I'll see if I can get some better pics up =)
  • 1
    So we'll start you off with a nice normal day, no situation has arisen and everything is going ok and then suddenly you see a stranger walking around with their skirt tucked into their knickers. The stranger has no idea she looks like this. What do you do?

  • 2
    A really unattractive man has gone missing and you see a poster of him everywhere you go. He's on the news, he's in the paper. What runs through your mind when you look into those big round eyes of his?

  • 3
    A rich, close relative dies. How soon do you think about how you'll spend your inheritance?

  • 4
    Ok, I'm sticking with the same theme. You are now at the funeral and you see a very attractive singleton eyeing you up over the cocktail sausages. Do you make a move?

  • 5
    So now lets see how you good people are when you are upset. You've had the worst day of your life; pet has died; sacked from your job; broken up with your partner... What do you do?

  • 6
    Ok, that was a bad day, but how are you normally?

  • 7
    Start picturing dead kittens starting from... now!

  • 8
    So how many friends do you have? I'm talking about close friends, friends you wouldn't mind donating sperm/wombs for, friends you wouldn't mind sharing your food with?

  • 9
    Test is nearly over now. One last question... Choose an option from below? (just go with whatever you are drawn to)