... or maybe not ...



    This is essentially a "wildcard" prediction test based loosely on Chaos Theory ... by that I mean you can take it ten different times and you'll probably get ten different predictions. Answering even one question differently is likely to result in a completely different score, which makes sense because any little thing we do differently now affects things differently down the road. Events occuring in a slightly different manner, even on the atomic level, can drastically alter the future. Which is the underlying point of Chaos Theory, when you boil it down. Maybe it all adds up in the end, and maybe it doesn't -- you can decide that for yourself.





    Take it however you choose to take it. In fact, you have no choice but to take it however you choose to take it. You can follow all the directions of this test, or follow some of them, or ignore them and answer whatever and however you wish. There's no right or wrong way to take it. You can't be anything except honest, because whatever you choose to do will be honest, simply because it is a fact that you chose to do it. You have no choice -- you are fated to do exactly what you choose to do. Even if you choose not to take it at all. You are, quite simply, the slave of Free Will. In the final analysis, NOTHING is random.


    Or as Einstein once said, "God does not play dice."




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