• Out of 144 possible combinations, apparently I'm the same personality type as Adolf Hitler (ENFJ 6s in Myers-Briggs & the Enneagram respectively). Essentially that means I'm a charismatic, society-centric social mastermind (and modest, too!). You'd be worried, but I use my powers for good instead of evil. :P

    But! For the purpose of this test, SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED! I have become a power-crazed world dictator and have decided to cull off a percentage of the population; there simply aren't enough resources to go around. So I'm administering a test to see whether you'd be a candidate for elimination, or whether you'd thrive in my new utopia. Will YOU survive?!

    (YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TO BE ELIMINATED. Do NOT take the test if this is going to be a problem.)

    1) This is basically a really self-indulgent, extra-amusing way of conducting a compatibilty test. I mean no disrespect to anyone, and essentially I'm just having a laugh. Please don't take this seriously.
    2) Traditionally 'good' answers may not earn you extra points, so you're better off answering honestly than predicting what I'm looking for. For example, I am no less likely to kill you off if you give to charity.

    "Have fun!" *grins and hands you a pen*

    EDIT: The test has been somewhat revised as of 12/12/06, and now it is probable that *some* people will actually survive. As opposed to like, virtually none of you. ^_~