• Hi! And welcome to my Will you survive HalloweeN Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine if you are smart enough to survive...HA HA HAAAAA
  • 1
    Halloween day. You start to wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you,or if it's just random kids having fun messing w/you...

  • 2
    On a warm Halloween night,Do you leave door's & window's open to cool off your house, considering you live in a nice neighborhood ?

  • 3
    When trying to call your friend's to see where there are you notice that your house phone is dead...

  • 4
    You start to hear noises in your home

  • 5
    There is someone in your house right in front of you & you...

  • 6
    For some reason you thought the closet was the best place to go

  • 7
    You make it out side hurt & bleeding but alive what do you do ?