The 'WILL YOU TAKE ME HOME?' choose-your-own-adventure.

  • Welcome to the club, kiddo*. Hope you polished your shoes, 'cos once you're inside, there's no going back.

    This is what we call a 'choose-your-own-adventure'. It's not exactly like the old books, where you move around etc. (incidentally if anyone knows how I can make it do that, DO get in touch ;P)

    However, the way you act in the story as we go along, will affect the ending. You only get one shot at this so choose wisely!** I'll be watching closely.

    *Unfortunately this test is only for guys. I might make another for girls if there are requests

    **I suppose if you're sad and needy enough you COULD retake it. But if you're not you probably won't have to... so maybe take it as a hint? ;)