• Updated 12/29/2005 with new, improved scoring
  • As you may know, lots of uppity women, men, small children, babies, and even farm animals were burned, hung, drawn, quartered, and tortured to death during the Inquisition in Europe and the Witch-Crazes in the colonies. Modern historical revisionists note that many of the victims of the Witch Trials were unmarried or widowed women who owned property.

    Midwives and herbalists were also often targets of witch-crazes, as were the town "shrews" who didn't have the sense when to keep their mouths shut. This test will determine whether you might have been a victim of a witch hunt. Outspoken, unorthodox, and earthy women were more likely to have been singled out for trial, as were women who demonstrated some measure of psychic ability.

  • So, would you have survived the witch trials? Would you have kept your head down and your mouth closed while those around you burned? Would you have been the first one to sizzle on the stake? Or were you most likely to be the Inquisitor, or the Accusor? Our patented WitchomaticTM technology allows you to travel back in time for free and see what your life might have been like. Results not guaranteed. Monday Wednesday Friday only. Some restrictions may apply. Look out there's a moose behind you.

    Answer these easy questions and see!