• Hi! And welcome to my test. I'll be using advanced logic, complex multivariable calculus, and other arcane arts to determine your true nature. 


    I read somewhere recently that men generally say what they mean, but women try to find hidden meaning in what men say.  Women on the other hand ALWAYS have hidden meanings in what they say, and the poor guys who try to take what women say at face value are hopelessly confused, become depressed, and often suicidal. 


    This test is intended to educate men on common phrases that women use in their internet dating profiles and what those phrases really mean.  It is also designed to weed out the total perverts for whom there is little hope of improving their internet savvy.


    Of course women are welcome to take it too, you may even learn some new tricks and techniques you will want to employ in your own profile to torture the poor guys who haven’t discovered this test yet.  Just remember that it’s all in fun, I challenge you ladies to write a similar test on men’s profiles. 


    Enjoy, and remember to give my test a top rating . . .

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