• Hi! And welcome to my Women's view on Penis SiZe Test. This test is to let you know just how much of a sizequeen you really are. This test will give much better results than the other silly tests like it. Are YOU a SIZEQUEEN???
  • 1
    If you had the most perfect dream man in the world and you were given the power to decide his cock length....What would you choose?

  • 2
    Still in this imaginary world, you are given the option to choose how big AROUND it is.(Hint: A toilet paper roll is about 5.5" around and a coke can is 8" around. Just to give you a couple of figures)

  • 3
    I think a 6" long by 5" around penis is....?

  • 4
    If a penis is thin enough to fit into a toilet paper roll, it is...

  • 5
    A group of you and your girlfriends are sitting around watching t.v. A guy yells "look at my big dick" and pulls out a 6" penis...You and your girlfriends...

  • 6
    In the imaginary world again...Time freezes and everyone is asleep but you. You go into the worlds largest sex toy store. You have the chance to pick out one thing that nobody will ever know about. You choose a dildo. What size do you choose?

  • 7
    Have you ever experienced a small penis?

  • 8
    If you have, what did you do?

  • 9
    Can a small penis make you cum? If so, skip this question. If not, how big does it need to be in order to give you the big "o"?

  • 10
    Last but not least...What do you consider "small"? If none of these are small then skip the question.