• Welcome to the World of Darkness Personality Test! This test will analyze your soul inch-by-inch in an attempt to classify what kind of being you would be in White Wolf's World of Darkness. Vampire? Changeling? Perhaps some kind of shape-shifty critter? Only one way to find out!

    This test is based on the old World of Darkness, not the stuff currently being produced by White Wolf. Why? Well, because I'm not very fond of their newer products and I think the older games were excellent.

    Be prepared to discover your true self. Or to just be amused for a few minutes.

    By the way, I'm still fine-tuning the scores. They might be rather wonky until I get it right. In the meanwhile, feel free to feedback. It can only help. Also, do message me if you know of any good chat/forum based WoD games. They used to do wonders for my writing skills, and I want to get that habit back. :)