• Greetings and welcome to my test!

    This test, as it's name suggests, is about the beautiful world of aviation used in the Second World War. I am a big aviation enthusiast and I find airplanes to be the most beautiful thing that man has ever created.

    The test is primarily made for people with at least some interest in aviation and also for enthusiasts like myself. People who are not interested in aviation probably won't find this test interesting but I'd like to encourage them to take it as well. Even if they don't score a single correct answer they can still enjoy in those beautiful photos and maybe that way they will discover a love for airplanes.

    The test itself consists of series of photos and you just have to mark the name of the plane below each photo. Some, I believe, will be quite easy to answer while others may prove to be hard, but those hard "questions", if answered correctly, will be awarded with extra points. The list of questions is in no particular order.

    **SPECIAL NOTE** Some of the photos in this test show airplanes of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force in the WWII) and thus, in some of those photos, swastikas (nazi symbols) are clearly visible. Please have in mind that I in no way support nazi ideology. If you find it offensive then please don't take this test.