• Hi! And welcome to my Would my Dad approve of you? Test. I'll be using simple questions to determine whether or not the big T would think you are worthy. My Dad is a bit odd as fathers go, more of a child & good friend really, but is a very good judge of character; as is his female counterpart. Would he approve of you?
  • Hint: My Dad is an Art Director/Graphic Designer, and usually doesn't take himself very seriously...ENTER STRANGE FUNNY FATHER, WITH TINY EAR PASSAGES (LITERALLY).
  • (At his and his girlfriend's house)
  • 1
    My Dad shows you a painting he did which is good but a bit scary in the basement? If he asked what do you think of it?...what would you say?

  • 2
    My Dad is telling you and I a funny story about himself and his ignorant neighbor, Linus; Dad confronts Linus on his porch, neighbor calls cops, dad is in front yard fixing his crabapple tree when the cops show up at his house...He loves to tell this story, I've heard it at least 5 times... What would be your reaction?

  • 3
    My Dad invites me and i invite you to come with me to dinner at his (& gf's) house; it is 9 p he is still cooking & smells good, estimated eating time is unknown...also he is playing music you can't stand very loud. What would be your reaction?

  • 4
    We are playing the game and I am winning; what is your reaction?

  • 5
    We go inside to check on the goings on inside? My Dad's gf walks in the room and welcomes you (she happens to look like Jessica Lang, circe now, but silly)...What is your reaction?

  • 6
    Dinner is finally ready, it's 10:30-ish, everything looks good (the food) and my Dad has decided to throw corks into a vase in the dining room 3 steps down...What would you do?