• 1
    What type of master do u desire?

  • 2
    What kind of dominate do u wish for?

  • 3
    What kind of punishments do u desire if you misbehave. exp. I had a long tiring day at work and your task for the day was to make me nice and commfy when i got home. But when i got home u didn't take care of me, no dinner made, no bath made. house was a mess.you were a very bad little girl. what punihment would u like the most.

  • 4
    Rewards, your a good girl and you have really pleased me, I worked hard and i come home to a nice dinner, drawn hot bubble bath. you wearing a sexy maid outfit. What type of reward do u like to have for being good.

  • 5
    How sexually submissive are you? what are your limits

  • 6
    Do u have any experience in this type of lifestyle?

  • 7
    Would u want a long term serious submissive relationship?

  • 8
    If your really interested in becoming my slave, sub, daughter which ever you prefer would u be willing to relocate, and be with me someday soon within 3-6 months at the latest. if so u can contack me on here or on yahoo messenger mastertim52