• I have created a previous male author seeking women compatibility test and, in retrospect, was not good for those just looking for online friendship via e-mail. So I created this one. This test is geared to those who like to write letters back and forth as a hobby. If your not open to this, your wasting your time unless your just want to take this for fun or curiosity sake. If you rather find how compatible you are with me in general (some online but mostly offline), take my What Can We Be Together Test instead. If you want to take both, take What Can We Be Together FIRST as this one contains spoilers for it. Men can also take this.

    There is two main variables. First I'll see how you are as just an e-friend, the mechanics side of it. Next I'll score you on the actual content of your letters. Each will be scored as a percentage and can be averaged for a final percentage. I like though to divide the two for my own purposes.

    In addition there is the very rare Evil Points and Joy Points. Think of them as hidden mines. There is 7 choices that will give you one Evil point and 7 choices that will give you one Joy point. They do not affect what category you get, but getting more Evil than Joy points is an automatic forget-about-it! One of your answers means I don't want to e-mail you even if you get the best category! Getting more than one Joy point and no Evil points may make me want you to contact you even if you got the worst category.

    A few warnings. I have a slight age and gender preference scored in content, though its still possible to get the high score category. Second, several times its best to skip a question. In each instance I will tell you that you should skip it. But skipping any of the others will just result in a lower score.