• Hi! No matter who u are, or who u think u are, deep down we all want that special someone and i am no exceptions (lol that sounds pretty gay huh?) either way if u feel the same way i do then we might be a perfect match, y not find out??
  • 1
    Have u ever cheated in a relationship?

  • 2
    Would u condider yourself a humourous person ?

  • 3
    if u went on a trip where u were surrounded by hot guys all day for 2 weeks would anything...uncalled for happen?

  • 4
    ok heres the deal, what if i got really bad acne and a dirty cold sour one day and i went all like "KISS DADDY" on you, what actions would u take?

  • 5
    what kind of music do u like?

  • 6
    ok say we were dating for like madd long, would u take advantage of my generocity ( and i want the fuckin truth please :])

  • 7
    if i were REALLY SHY when we first got to know eachother would u still give me a chance??

  • 8
    if i were really bad in bed would u seal the deal right there (end the relationship)

  • 9
    what if im really stupid, im talking like george bush, would u still want a piece???

  • 10
    alright what if u cought me picking my nose, im talkin like diggin for gold, what would u do?

  • 11
    ok probably the last question, to tell the truth im 18 and ive never been in a relationship (dead serious) so im pretty much a noob when it comes to exprssing feelings, would u be willing to work with me on that?