• So you've checked out my profile, you've seen the massive amount of information I have about wanting to date someone, yadda yadda yadda. Low and behold you've found my test. Curiosity? Strange fuzzy feelings? Overwhelming sense to know all things? All of the above?

    This is just a simple test to sorta see if we would make it as a couple. To me, I'm looking for overall compatibility with sex, communication, intelligence, and geekiness. You don't have to overwhelm me in all 4, but atleast 50% is acceptable. I don't want to change anyone, I want to fully accept someone as they are. Its why I'm so forward and honest UP FRONT with whom I am that I'm hoping a woman actually gets that and goes 'Wow that's refreshing and interesting and WOW I LOVE YOUR HAIR!'

    So ladies, enjoy!