• Would You Like Technocracy? Do you even know what it is? This test should help you determine if you're the sort of person that would be interested in learning more about this alternative social system. It is based on what you know and believe already, so no looking it up before taking the test! Take it now, then feel free to look it up when you're done! Who knows, you just might like it!

    Just remember three things: First, be honest. Answer with what YOU believe is true. Secondly, that these questions mostly apply to the continent of North America. Some of it may apply elsewhere, but getting into that would make the test waaaay more complicated. Due to this the end catagories will assume you are North American. Lastly, remember that you can skip questions by not answering them at all. Do this if you really don't know the answer, or don't like any of the answers provided. This is due partly to the limitation of only having four possible answers. Oh well. On to the test!