The would you meet me in the Caszbah (compatibility) ~Beta~ Test

  • Would you meet me in the Caszbah (compatibility) Test.

    My Spell checker says its properly spelled Casbah, but I added the z for phonemic emphasis o.O

    Ready to be confuzeled? You will be, read this to see why. I want to rate any guy on 4 variables.
    Intelligence, Mostly booksmartness
    Playfulness, Can you tit4tat and what is your WIT* factor
    Openness, Would you try something new and possibly dangerous o.O
    Kinkiness, ^^ Nuff said there!!

    I am straight but females are welcome to take this test if they want to find out how I would rate them.
    All said and done, this is a "For fun test" (patent pending). Just kidding about the patent^^

    The questions are real but they may have a double entander, be off the wall or just plain loony. My reasons for this is to tailor the question to the variable I'm tracking, but you will not be aware of which variable is being tracked on each question. That is the tricky part. I will place a question about kinkiness (for example) like one that will seem similar for another variable. This is to test real kink, intelligence, openness and playfulness. This way people who tend to pick the offball stuff 'just cause' will not get a high compatibility score. YOU HAVE BEEN ADVISED NOW TAKE THE TEST (if you dare).