• Hi! And welcome to my XBOX Live Personality Test. There are many different types of people who go on XBOX Live.Respectful people who have fun playing games with their Friends and is generally respectful and curtious to others.They don't talk trash and only brag when they pulled off something amazing.Quiet people don't have many Friends and the ones they do keep are usually people they know offline.They hardly ever speak and keep to themselves as much as poosibe.And sadly the majority of XBOX Live's Personalities the A**holes.These people are arrogant,insulting,disrespectful and like nothing more than to ruin the mood of a good competition with their terrible character trait in life.They use Racial epataphs whenever possibe.Leave threatening messages to you and even go as far to threaten you physicly.So,enjoy the test and please note this test is pretty close to your own personality relative to your real life.
  • 1
    First off do you like socializing with anybody offline generally?

  • 2
    Do you frequently delete people on your Friend's List that haven't been Online an extended period of time(1-6 Months)?

  • 3
    When you first get Online and you see that one of your Friends left a Message for you,what do you do?

  • 4
    The message is of no real importence and is some random thought.How do you respond to them?

  • 5
    One of your Friends you really don't know very well sends you a Game Invite to a game you generally don't play all the time or don't enjoy playing.Do you get up from your seat,get the game,put it in and acept his Invite?