• This is The YAHWDYKN Test, welcome to take it! What, what do you mean by "I don't understand the bloody acronym!"

    Shut up for a second, and take the test — if you feel like. Why do you say "How can I understand you if I don't understand the subject of the test?"

    As I said (did I say it already?) this test is about everybody's favourite subject: me! I mean everybody's own personal "me", not me (fibrine) here. Although I don't mind if you want me to be your favourite subject. And besides, this test is actually about me, fibrine. What, did you say "I don't understand any of this!"

    So now, finally, after this complete nonsense and so on and so on... Welcome to my Yet Another How Well Do You Know Me Test!

    PS: If you now think you already know enough of me: wacko, maniac, crazy, etc — you're propably right ;-P