• This is my first ever test- i'm hoping to figure out how this works so i can really get into making a good one. just practicing :). if you have any criticism, please shoot me an email!

    For those of you who took my test right at the beginning when it was approved- I suggest taking it again. I've fine-tuned the category descriptions and added a bit more organized structure to the scoring.

    Its about time i write a test- and im going to do a four variable one to see how much i can make my brain hurt in less than half an hour. Anyone who knows me, knows i have about 400 people on my Favorites list. If you are there already- find out why. If you aren't- well you dont know for sure if you aren't do you? It's got 13 or 14 or so possible results from 12 questions. I'll be adding pictures to the results and such later. I may even include some real OKCupid users for reference. Wait- this could actually be fun!